The Not So Popular Important Air Boat

Published: 16th November 2011
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The air boat is not an all purpose boat, it is a specialized boat. Because the air boat has a very different type of engine, it can go where other types of boats cannot go. The boat's name comes from the fact that it is propelled by air, but it is also known by other names, it is known as a Jon. boat and a s a bottomed vessel. The air boat uses an aircraft propeller and the propeller is powered by a car engine or an aircraft engine. Typically the engines regardless of whether they are car engines or aircraft engines, they are air cooled. Choosing between an aircraft engine and car engine depends on the advantages offered by each type of engine. Even though parts for a car engine are very easy to obtain, the aircraft engine is much more accessible and much lighter. The car engine uses cheaper fuel than the aircraft engine. Now a days almost all the hulls for the air boat are made from aluminum and fiberglass. Because the air boat is a specialty boat it is not mass produced and most boats are manufactured by small family businesses.
Florida and Louisiana use the air boat the most, because of the everglades and bayous where the boat is ideal. Shallow marshy conditions are places where only the air boat will work. Unlike other boats the air boat is not impacted much by shallow water conditions.
Passengers and the propeller itself are protected with a metal cage around the propeller. The intent of the metal cage is to prevent things and people from coming into contact and damaging the propeller or causing harm. All kinds of things are in danger of making contact with the propeller including branches, people, wild life, and the passenger belongings. The air boat propeller only moves forward and there is no reverse. Less surprisingly of the air boat, there are no brakes. The direction of travel and stop location is entirely dependent on the skill of the operator. Air boats have elevated seats which allow the operator of the boat to see better.
The air boat is primarily used in the everglades and shallow water conditions, but it has also been used extensively for ice and flood rescues. The boat's hull can be flat, because there is nothing underneath needed for the operation of the boat. The steering and control is impacted by several factors, such as the depth of the water, the power of the engine, the wind, the currents, and visibility.
A lot of improvements have helped to quiet these boats, but they are still very noisy. Some improvement in the noisy levels has been made by the use of carbon fibers and mufflers.
These boats can be small or very large, it is not unusual for some of these boats to carry as many as 18 persons or more.
The boat was invented in the early 1900s but gained popularity in the 1930s when many homemade air boats started to appear in the swamps in Florid and Louisiana. This boat became popular among biologists, because it allowed travel in areas that could not be traveled by other boats.
Just like any other boat these boats should be operated with safety in mind. There may only be one safety video available for the operation of these boats, but fortunately it is a public domain video created by a government agency. You will not find the air boat for sale in most parts of the country, but it is a very important boat. In less than 36 hours the these boats helped rescue over 3,000 patients and medical staff from downtown New Orleans hospitals.

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